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The Law Offices of Joel B. Rudin provides fearless, imaginative and deeply caring representation for individuals in State and Federal courts charged with a wide variety of criminal offenses, and for civil clients who have been harmed by police and prosecutorial misconduct.

In his 35-year career, the firm's principal, Joel B. Rudin, has had great success handling criminal trials and appeals, including before the New York Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. His skill at reinvestigating and uncovering flaws in old convictions has enabled him to win freedom for many wrongfully convicted criminal defendants through 440 motions and federal habeas corpus petitions.

Mr. Rudin's Office is a leader in recovering money damages for clients whose rights have been violated by police or prosecutors.

During Summer 2014, in a highly-publicized case that helped cause the defeat of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes, the firm recovered a total of $13 million from New York City and state for Jabbar Collins due to his 16-year imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. This was the largest total recovery for a wrongfully convicted criminal defendant in New York City's history.

The firm is the nation's leader in recovering damages from municipalities for prosecutorial misconduct despite the absolute immunity that prosecutors ordinarily enjoy to escape liability for such abuses. The firm has won ten multi-million dollar settlements for clients harmed by prosecutorial misconduct, as well as major settlements in police brutality and wrongful arrest cases.

Mr. Rudin's work on behalf of the wrongfully convicted, and in exposing misconduct by prosecutors, was recognized in 2011 when he received the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers' Justice Thurgood S. Marshall Award for Outstanding Criminal Defense Practitioner. Click here to see his acceptance speech. A leading journalist, Tom Robbins, recently called him "an attorney for lost causes. His diligent lawyering has produced remarkable triumphs..." Mr. Rudin has submitted amicus briefs to the United States Supreme Court on important civil rights and criminal law issues on behalf of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ("NACDL"), has written and spoken widely on such matters, and has become a leader in efforts to reform our criminal justice system.

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