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We protect the rights of individuals charged with crimes and we fight for compensation for the wrongful conduct of police and prosecuting attorneys.

Assertive Defense Against A Wide Range Of Drug Charges

Drug cases range from simple possession or use of marijuana, to hand-to-hand sales of cocaine or heroin to undercover agents, to complex international conspiracies to smuggle large quantities of illegal narcotics. Many cases seem hopeless. The defendant may have been caught red-handed in the act of possessing or using drugs, or on a wiretap or may be accused by several government informants.

There is much that a skilled and aggressive defense lawyer can do to defend against a drug charge or to obtain a favorable sentence. The wiretap, or the results of a search or arrest, may be shown to have been obtained illegally, and the evidence then thrown out of court or suppressed. The witnesses, often informants trying to save themselves, may be exposed as liars. Or the defendant may be a previously law-abiding person with a drug addiction or other personal problems who should be considered for leniency or an alternative sentencing program.

At Law Offices of Joel B. Rudin, P.C., we fight aggressively and intelligently for the rights of criminal defendants in drug cases, and have done so for more than 35 years. We examine all the evidence to identify all potential defenses and to do everything possible to achieve an excellent result for our clients, including, where necessary, handling their appeals. We have handled three federal drug cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, winning important victories of national significance in two of them.

Protecting Your Rights And Minimizing The Impact Of Charges

We handle the defense of all state and federal drug offenses, including allegations of:

  • Simple possession or possession with intent to sell
  • Sale or distribution of, or trafficking in, controlled substances
  • Drug-related money laundering
  • Drug and money laundering conspiracy
  • Appeals and collateral attacks challenging drug convictions

We have won remarkable results for defendants in smuggling or conspiracy cases involving hundreds or even thousands of kilograms of cocaine or marijuana. We also will handle smaller possession or sale cases.

Solutions Start With A Meeting

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