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We protect the rights of individuals charged with crimes and we fight for compensation for the wrongful conduct of police and prosecuting attorneys.

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Smart Legal Counsel In New York For Homicide And Other Violent Crime Charges

Violent crime cases are difficult because police and prosecutors, under great pressure to make an arrest or obtain a conviction, often cut corners and bend the law. Yet, these cases offer a great opportunity for a dedicated, thoughtful, caring and aggressive lawyer to make a huge difference in the outcome.

A client may be falsely accused by a mistaken eyewitness, an accomplice trying to save himself, a coerced confession or a web of circumstantial but misleading evidence. Alternatively, the client may have committed the act but may have a valid defense such as self-defense, extreme emotional disturbance or some other justification. Police evidence may have been gathered illegally and can be challenged in court. Thorough investigation in such cases is critical to developing the best possible defense.

A Record Of Success Defending Homicide Cases

At Law Offices of Joel B. Rudin, P.C., we have spent more than 35 years fighting violent crime cases, both at trial and on appeal, and have had great success.

In 2017, three members of the firm — Joel Rudin, Terri Rosenblatt and George Goltzer, assisted by associate Haran Tae — won an acquittal in Queens County for Rhian Taylor on a murder charge. Rhian had served eight years in prison following an initial conviction, which Mr. Rudin succeeded in overturning on appeal before the New York Court of Appeals. The firm is now preparing a wrongful conviction lawsuit for Mr. Taylor.

When Derik Hausman hired the firm, he had been convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Joel Rudin won his appeal in the appellate division, and then won his complete acquittal at a retrial. Mr. Rudin’s exhaustive reinvestigation of the case uncovered new witnesses whose testimony proved that Derik had acted in self-defense. Mr. Rudin’s skilled cross-examination of key prosecution witnesses neutralized the people’s case.

In a high-profile federal racketeering case, Mr. Rudin won a complete acquittal after just 10 minutes of jury deliberation following a six-week trial for a New York City police detective, Zaher Zahrey. He had been falsely accused of involvement in two murders, narcotics robberies and trafficking, and other crimes. Mr. Rudin’s thorough pretrial investigation and careful preparation enabled him, through cross-examination, to destroy the credibility of the crucial prosecution witness, Sidney Quick. New York Times columnist Bob Herbert praised Mr. Rudin’s representation in a series of six op-ed columns in The New York Times, and the case was featured in the Los Angeles Times and New York magazine. Mr. Rudin then won detective Zahrey a civil settlement for his wrongful prosecution, including attorney’s fees, of $2.25 million.

When Mr. Rudin won Jabbar Collins’ federal habeas corpus petition, the Brooklyn murder indictment was dismissed, Jabbar walked free and later Mr. Rudin won him a $13 million civil settlement. After Mr. Rudin won Danny Colon’s appeal in the New York Court of Appeals, based upon newly discovered evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, Danny was freed from prison after serving 19 years, and later his case was dismissed without retrial. Mr. Rudin then represented Danny and his former co-defendant, Anthony Ortiz, in civil damages actions for unjust and wrongful prosecution and won them total settlements of $9 million.

Our Violent Crimes Defense Practice

When you hire our firm to defend you in the trial court, we will move quickly to interview all witnesses and to find and preserve all evidence that may support your defense. We will vigorously challenge the prosecution’s case by moving to dismiss the indictment for insufficient evidence or misconduct in the grand jury, suppress illegally obtained evidence and force disclosure of discovery and “Brady” material. We will represent you as skillfully as possible at hearings and trial, or, if appropriate, obtain for you the best possible negotiated settlement.

Our firm handles the defense of all types of violent crimes, in New York state and federal courts, at trial, on appeal and on collateral attack, including:

  • Homicide — murder, manslaughter, negligent or accidental killings, vehicular homicide, attempted murder and conspiracy
  • Assault — causing or attempting to cause physical injury to another person; driving-related offenses such as vehicular assault and DWI; criminal harassment and trespass
  • Weapons offenses — the sale, possession, or use of a firearm or other dangerous instrument
  • Narcotics and racketeering — violent crimes allegedly committed in aid of racketeering or drug conspiracy.

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