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A Sex Crime Conviction Can Impact Your Life Forever

We Work To Keep A Sex Crime Conviction Off Your Permanent Record

If you have been charged with a sex crime, including unlawful physical contact or misuse of the internet, it is imperative that you hire a skilled, courageous, aggressive, yet sensitive lawyer to protect your rights, your freedom and your reputation.

Sex crime cases often are high profile, fueled by public outrage and hysteria, and zealously prosecuted. A good defense attorney must exhaustively investigate the physical or medical evidence and the background of the complaining witness, and interview all available witnesses, including potential psychological and medical experts, while trying at the same time to neutralize the negative publicity and calm the public atmosphere.

Sometimes, the best defense is to vigorously attack the credibility of the accuser, who may be an undercover FBI agent posing as a minor on the internet. Other times, the best strategy is to develop evidence that shows the accuser is confused or mistaken. Every case presents a unique set of problems and opportunities.

A History Of Success Handling Sex Crime Cases

At Law Offices of Joel B. Rudin, P.C., we have more than 35 years of experience successfully defending individuals charged with sexual offenses, both at trial and on appeal or collateral attack. Mr. Rudin won a high-profile acquittal at the trial of a businessman charged with rape at a well-known Manhattan nightclub. He also succeeded as co-counsel in the dismissal of 53 of 55 counts of rape and sodomy against the principal of a Manhattan Montessori school who was charged with having sex with two adolescent students. Mr. Rudin obtained the reduction of the client’s sentence by half on appeal to the appellate division after showing what the court termed “intolerable” misconduct by the prosecution.

Mr. Rudin dismantled the high-profile “Bronx Five” day care center sex abuse prosecutions of the 1980s, which had toppled the city’s commissioner of human resources and threatened the administration of then Mayor Ed Koch. In the PRACA day care cases, he won a landmark appeal to the New York Court of Appeals, in People v. Beauchamp, based upon the unfairness of the vague indictment. The indictment was dismissed, and Mr. Beauchamp was released from prison. Mr. Rudin followed that victory with successful appeals or “440 motions” on behalf of three additional Bronx defendants.

In the Rev. Nathaniel T. Grady case, he won a federal habeas corpus petition based on ineffective assistance of appellate counsel for this prominent religious leader who had been falsely convicted, then won Rev. Grady’s appeal and the complete dismissal of all charges, after Rev. Grady had served 10 years in prison.

In the Alberto Ramos case, Mr. Rudin, after an evidentiary hearing, proved pervasive misconduct by the Bronx District Attorney’s Office in withholding exculpatory evidence proving Mr. Ramos’ innocence, obtained a dismissal of all charges after Mr. Ramos had served seven years in prison and then won a $5 million settlement in 2003 — at the time the largest ever in New York state for a wrongful prosecution or conviction.

Representing Clients Against The Full Range Of Criminal Sex Charges

We provide a vigorous, tenacious, thoughtful and sensitive defense to anyone charged with a sex offense. When you hire us, we will immediately initiate a thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances of your case, looking not only to develop evidence of your innocence, but also proof that the evidence against you is unreliable or was gathered in an illegal manner and should be disallowed in court. We defend all sex offense charges, including the following:

  • Sexual abuse, misconduct or assault
  • Rape or sodomy
  • Child abuse or course of sexual abuse or misconduct
  • Internet enticement of minors, and possession, sale, dissemination or manufacturing of child and other forms of pornography

We also will team with family court lawyers defending against false charges of child sexual abuse in connection with custody battles and will defend private lawsuits seeking monetary damages for alleged sexual abuse.

Act Promptly If You Are Charged Or Interviewed By Police

Swift action is important in these cases. To consult with Mr. Rudin or his skilled staff, contact us online or call 212-752-7600.