The Pursuit Of Justice Through Criminal Defense And Civil Rights Representation

We protect the rights of individuals charged with crimes and we fight for compensation for the wrongful conduct of police and prosecuting attorneys.

A Commitment To Clients And The Record To Prove It

Law Offices of Joel B. Rudin, P.C., handles criminal trials, appeals and post-conviction litigation, as well as civil rights lawsuits for victims of police and prosecutorial misconduct. We have won landmark criminal and civil rights cases at every court level, up to the United States Supreme Court. We have pioneered in obtaining civil damage awards for prosecutorial misconduct, even though prosecutors usually cannot be sued.

We have won multimillion-dollar recoveries in more than a dozen wrongful conviction lawsuits, including:

  • $15.45 million for William Vasquez in 2017
  • $13 million in the high-profile Jabbar Collins case in 2014
  • $9 million for Danny Colon and Anthony Ortiz in 2014

In 2011, the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers awarded the firm’s principal, Joel B. Rudin, its Justice Thurgood S. Marshall Award for outstanding criminal defense practitioner. See Mr. Rudin’s acceptance speech by clicking here.

Strategies Tailored To Unique Needs

We carefully tailor our approach to the needs of each individual client. Every case is handled through a team approach under Mr. Rudin’s close supervision. There is no substitute, ever, for thorough investigation of the facts and the law, before deciding upon the best strategy. We believe in treating everyone involved in the court system, including witnesses, judges, adversaries and most of all, our own clients, with great respect, but we are always prepared to act aggressively to protect our clients’ rights.

Many of the firm’s clients already have suffered severe damage to their reputations. We help them restore their dignity and their reputation through favorable coverage by the news media.

Our Practice

Our law firm offers skilled counsel in criminal and civil matters, handling all aspects of cases involving:

  • Criminal investigations, trials and appeals — We handle a wide range of criminal matters, defending people being investigated for or charged with violations of state and federal law. We have extensive experience assisting criminal defendants who seek post-conviction relief, including direct criminal appeals, “440” motions, coram nobis motions and federal habeas corpus petitions. Often we are retained to reinvestigate and to try to overturn old convictions based upon newly discovered evidence, police misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct or ineffective assistance of defense counsel.
  • Civil rights violations — We are leaders in recovering substantial money damages for clients who were wrongfully arrested, prosecuted, or convicted due to misconduct by police officers or prosecutors, or who suffered injuries due to police brutality. We have won landmark court rulings in wrongful conviction lawsuits that have benefited numerous other individuals and focused public attention on the problem of police and prosecutorial misconduct.

Contact Our Office

To schedule a meeting with an attorney in our New York City office, contact us by e-mail or call 212-752-7600.